Nikolaos D. Philippas

Professor, Department of Business Administration, University of Piraeus

Dr Philippas is Professor at the Department of Business Administration in University of Piraeus, with discipline the Financial Management. Specifically, Professor Philippas emphasizes on Investments, Institutional Investors, Behavioral Finance, Financial Literacy etc. In the past there was twice member of the Senate of the University of Piraeus. Professor Philippas has numerous publications in almost all Greek Economic Journals and the relative Financial Press. Regularly, he was contributor in two major newspapers; Kathimerini and Kiriakatiki Eleftherotypia.

His academic and professional research is published in prestigious academic journals, such as European Journal of Finance (2020), Applied Economics (2018). On December, 2016 Prof. Philippas received his latest award for “Highly Cited Research” from the Journal International Review of Financial Analysis in recognition of the contribution to the quality of the journal made by: Herding behavior in REITs: Novel tests and the role of financial crisis.

He teaches several courses in many Master Programs in Greece and Cyprus, such as Finance and Accounting (MBA, Open University of Cyprus), Financial Management (Executive MBA, MBA-TQM, University of Piraeus), Behavioral Finance (Executive MBA, University of Piraeus), Wealth Management (MBA, University of Piraeus) and Stock Exchange Investments and Mutual Funds (Executive MBA, University of Piraeus). He is author of seven books and seven research studies in Greek language. Specifically, his books are: “Market Psychology” (2015), “Mutual Funds: the Greek Reality and modern international progress” (2010), “Investments” (2005), “Mutual Funds and Financial Markets” (1999) and “Factors influencing share prices” (1990). His latest book is in the field of Financial Literacy for kids, titled “Money does not Grow on Trees (2019).

From January 2016 he is Member of the Advisory Board at Blue Growth. From 2013 he is Chairman of the Investment Committee of the TEAYFE fund. For two years (2013-2015), Professor Philippas was appointed as Chairman of the Board and Scientific Director of the Centre of Planning and Economic Research (KEPE). His scientific work at KEPE was widely recognized as during his presidency two major researches were ended: “The vision of Greece development in 2020” and “The insurance problem of Greece, deriving from the experiences of other countries”.