Georgios Symeonidis

Executive Board Member of the National Actuarial Authority

George (Georgios) Symeonidis is an experienced Board Member with a demonstrated history of working in the Hellenic Regulatory Authority for Pensions. He is skilled in Actuarial Mathematics, Pension Economics and Pension Fund Administration. He comes from a strong analytical background. He is a Board Member of the International Actuarial Association Section for Consulting Actuaries and an alternate member of the Ageing Working Group.
Some of his career highlights in Greece feature evaluating and reforming the Social Security system since 2008, designing a balanced NDC system for the secondary pension, regulating the Occupational pension funds and taking part in the Trilogue process for the IORP II directive.
His valuation on a new pension reform (NTS proposal) for Greece won the Best Practical Paper Award in the PBSS/IACA colloquium of the IAA in June 2017.