Effrosyni E. Kouskouna, BSc, MSc, FHAS

Chairperson, National Actuarial Authority of Greece

Effrosyni E. Kouskouna was born and raised in Athens. She is a graduate of the Mathematics Department of the School of Physics and Mathematics of the Kapodistrian University of Athens and received the postgraduate title “Statistical Methods of Insurance Institution Management” from the Economic University of Athens. She is a qualified actuary and a Full Member (Fellow) of the Hellenic Actuarial Society.

She has worked in positions of responsibility in Insurance companies and today she is chairing the National Actuarial Authority of Greece. She has many years’ experience in various aspects that pertain to Social, Occupational, and Private insurance.

She participates in the study group of the Financial Evolution of the Greek Penson System. She is a member of the team creating the rules regarding the activities and the supervision of the Occupational Pension Funds.

She is the representative in the Committee of the EUROSTAT group 83, which deals with the pension plan of the EU employees.

She is responsible for the work of the Supervisors’ team in performing the EIOPA Stress Tests for the Occupational Pension Funds.

She was for many years a member of the Life Committee as well as of task forces in the Hellenic Association of Insurance Companies.